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Updates on the activities of the University Center for Studies on Gender Medicine

Acivities of the center

Studies, research and insights on Gender Medicine by the members of the center
Creation (by the members of the center) of volumes and scientific papers on Gender Medicine
Participation (by the members of the center) in national and international conferences and seminars
Development of undergraduate curricula, lectures for health professionals (by center members) etc.
creation and dissemination of culture on Gender Medicine in universities and healthcare

Gender Medicine

The interdisciplinary and scientific approach of Gender Medicine explores the biological and psychosocial differences between men and women (and other sexual identities, ed) that concern both health awareness and the development, perception and treatment of diseases (“model bio-psycho-social “).

Gender differences are partly obvious, sometimes subtle and still poorly understood in many areas.

New clinically relevant knowledge should find its way into clinical practice and lead to optimized treatment for men or women.

Research, publications, events and seminars

The University Center for Studies on Gender Medicine deals with research on gender medicine through:
  • the publication of scientific articles
  • the realization of targeted projects,
  • assiduous participation in seminars and conferences throughout the national territory.

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